A man walks into a pub and orders three pints

A man walks into a pub alone and orders three pints. The barkeep looks at him oddly and tells him “You know a pint starts to go flat as soon as it’s poured.”

The man nods and replies “Of course, but me and my two college mates used to go out drinking together all the time. The last time before we split off, we promised to drink a pint for each of us when we go out drinking.”

The barkeep, touched by this, pours the man his three pints. The man became a regular at the pub, and true to his story, every time he came in he’d start with three pints.

One day the man came in and only ordered two pints. When the barkeep brought them to the man he said “My condolences for your loss.”

The man looked confused for a moment, then laughed, “Oh no, I just quit drinking!”

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