A man walks into a bar with an alligator on a leash

A man walks into a bar with an alligator on a leash. The bartender says, “Hey, come on man, you can’t bring that thing in here, it’s dangerous!”

The man responds, “No, watch, I’ll prove it to you he is safe”. He picks up the alligator and places him on the bar. He then taps the aliigator on the head once. The alligator’s mouth opens immediately, the man pulls out his junk and places it in the maw of the beast. Five minutes goes by, then ten without issue, and he pulls his penis and testicles out of the mouth. The man turns around and says, “Would anyone else like to try?”

A very drunk man from the corner of the bar who had been watching this all play out stands up and raises his hand. He exclaims, “I think I would like to try…….but I don’t think I can hold my mouth open for that long!”

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