A man walks into a bar and sees a sign that says, “Free Beer For Life If You Can Pass Our Test!”

He asks the bartender, “What’s this ‘test’ you have?”

The bartender says, “Well first, you gotta chug a gallon of pepper tequila. Next, you have to go out back and pull the sore tooth out of our angry alligator. And finally, we have a girl up stairs who’s never slept with a man, and you gotta go make things right with her.”

Laughing, the man exclaims, “Well that sounds like the stupidest test I’ve ever heard of!”

He leaves to get drunk with his friends. Later that night, the man comes back to the bartender absolutely hammered drunk.

“Ok bartender! Let’s do this test!” He says.

The bartender hands him a gallon of pepper tequila, and before he could warn him, the man starts chugging it. Teary eyed and near the point of fainting, the man finishes the gallon and slams it on the counter.

Stunned, the bartender leads him out back to the alligator. A few minutes pass, and after some screaming and clatter, the man stumbles back in. His shirt is torn up and his body is bleeding profusely. He stares at the bartender and says,

“Ok bartender, where’s the girl with the sore tooth?”

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