A man walks into a bar and sees a 5 gallon jug filled with $20 bills…

He sits at the bar and asks the bartender about it. The bartender replies,

“It’s the $20 challenge. You put a $20 into the jar, complete a set of three challenges, and if you win you take home the entire jar!”

The man looked at it and asked what the challenges were, because that much money may just be worth a shot.

“The first challenge is to finish 7 shots of our house-made jalapeno tequila, back to back, with no chasers. The second challenge is a bit tougher. We have an old guard dog in the back, and she has a terrible tooth that’s been bugging her. It’s a rottweiler with a vicious attitude, so you’ll be out there alone.”

The man sitting at the bar raises his eyebrow and asks about the final test.

“Our upstairs neighbor, Ethyl, claims she has never had an orgasm in her entire 98 year life. If you can satisfy her, you’ll win the jar.”

He sits and considers gambling a few bucks. Finally, he whips out his wallet and throws a $20 bill into the jar and says “Lemme try that jalapeno tequila!”

The bartender pours the 7 shots and a little crowd starts to gather around the competitor. He starts slammin’ em. He finishes all 7 shots, and now he’s got bloodshot eyes and starts to gag a little bit. The rest can’t be THAT bad since he’s already got a huge buzz.

He stumbles his way toward the back door, ready to take on the old guard dog. Some locals are cheering, and others are just shocked that he’s actually going for it. The bar quiets down as he exits, and a vicious growl is heard from the windows. Suddenly barking, screeching, pounding, clanging, and it all ends with a whiny moan from the dog.

The man throws the door wide open, with scratches on his face and his pants torn up. He yells loudly, “Now WHERE’S that old lady with the bad tooth?!”

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