A man walks into a bar and half is head is an orange…

A man walks into a bar and half his head is an orange.

The bartender goes “what would you li-HOLY SHIT HALF YOUR HEAD IS AN ORANGE! What happened to you?!”

The man replies “Oh, nothing really. Genie, three wishes, be careful what you wish for. You know how it goes.”

The bartender says “As a matter of fact I don’t mate. I mean, I’ve seen some fucked up shit in my years working behind bar, but never in all my life have I seen someone with an orange for half of their head. What on earth did you wish for?”

Then man replies “Well with my first wish, I wished I could make any woman in the world sleep with me.” Bartender nods and says “Righto, that seems like a fair enough wish. What was your second one?”

The man replies “With my second wish, I wished for an infinite supply of money.” Again, the bartender nods and says “That seems reasonable. But what about your third wish? How did you end up turning half your head into an orange?”.

The man replies “Oh. It’s kinda stupid. I don’t really wanna talk about it.” But the bartender is too curious to let up and insists “No come on, tell me! What was your third wish?!”

The man takes a deep breath, collects himself and replies

“I wished that half of my head was an orange.”

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