A man walks by a small store and sees a cat drinking out of a valuable saucer.

He recognizes the saucer’s value, and he immediately wants to add it to his collection. However, he is sure that the store owner doesn’t know that the saucer is valuable, or else she wouldn’t let the cat drink from it, and he doesn’t want her to find out and charge him for the full value. So he walks over to her and asks, “How much would you charge me to buy that cat? He looks good for catching mice.”

“We have him here to catch mice in the store,” replied the store owner, “but I’ll sell it to you for $120 if you really need him. I can get another.”

“Sounds a bit high, but okay,” said the man. “Now, since he’s been so used to drinking out of that saucer, would you mind throwing it in along with the cat? And what about his collar?”

“You can have the collar,” she answered, “but you can’t have the saucer. That’s my lucky saucer; so far this week, I’ve sold 84 cats!”

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