A man visits Chicago on a business trip

While he has some downtime, he decides to go to the hotel bar. Another patron at the bar is talking back and forth with the bartender as it’s a little slow. Appearing to be new to the city, they weave him into their conversation. The other patron asks “do you know why they call Chicago the ‘Windy City’?”

The man responds no, expecting to hear a joke, or maybe a fun story from the mouth of a native. The patron says “they call Chicago that because it’s so windy here, you can jump off the roof of a building and the wind will carry you back to the top”

As the man stated in confusion and disbelief, the patron says “come on, I’ll show you”. So they head to the roof of the hotel, the patron steps up to the edge, jumps off, and a few stories before reaching the ground he floats back up to the top and lands safely on the roof. “You have to try it, it’s so much fun!”

The man steps up to the edge, jumps off, and splat hits the pavement below and dies instantly. The bartender says “Superman, you’re one mean son of a bitch”

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