A Man talks to a Lawyer

A man talks to a lawyer and says “My wife wants to divorce me.”

“On what grounds?” The lawyer asks.

“On any ground where she can get a judge to okay it.” The man responded.

The lawyer tries again with “I mean does she have any ground for the divorce?”

“Yeah she owns half of our two acres. Think we can take her land from her?” The man replies.

The lawyer decides to try rephrasing the question as “I mean is there a grudge?”

“No. We don’t have anything fancy like that. We just park in the driveway.” The man replied.

“She wants the divorce? I mean do you beat her up or something?” The lawyer tried again.

“Oh, no. She gets up about a half an hour earlier than me. I’m a heavy sleeper so there aint no chance I will ever beat her up.”

The lawyer finally asks “Okay, why do you think she wants a divorce?”

To which the man replies with “She says I never understand what she’s talking about.”

— Told to me by a pastor, recently.

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