A man takes his 12 year old son to the store one day,

walking in they head to the fridge and the dad picks up a 6 pack of beer.

“Dad can I have a beer?”

“Well son can your dick touch your asshole?”


“Then you’re not man enougj to have a beer”

When they get to the counter the dad orders a pack of cigarettes

“Dad can I have a cigarette?”

Dad looks down at his son and again says “Can your dick touch your asshole?”


“Then you’re not man enough to have a cigarette “

The son disappointed looks over and sees some scratch and win lottery tickets

“Dad can I have a scratch and win?”

The dad not seeing anything too bad about this says “sure” and buys him a scratch ticket.

Driving back home the son scratches the ticket and wins 10,000$ and screams in joy

The dad immediately turn to him and says “Well I bought you that ticket so you need to give me half”

The son turns to his dad and says “Can your dick touch your asshole?”

Proudly the dad replies “Yes, yes it can”

“Then go fuck yourself”

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