A man starts a new job on a construction site.

The site is 500 miles away from anybody else but it pays good so he’s happy to start. On his first day the foreman is showing him around the job site. Where he will be working, sleeping, and everything else.

While on tour, the man notices a line of men waiting to go behind a wooden fence. The man asks about it and the foreman explains that there isn’t a woman within 500 miles and if he gets horny to go stick his dick in the hole that’s in the barrel back behind the fence.

After about the third day on the job site, that barrel started sounding tempting. After work, he stood in line, went behind the fence, and stuck his dick in the hole in the barrel. It was like heaven to him. It was the best he had ever felt. After that you couldn’t keep this man from standing in line to go behind the fence.

One morning, the man gets his tools and starts walking to his work site and the foreman yells to him, “You don’t need your tools! It’s your turn inside the barrel!”

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