A man shows up to work with a black eye…

His co-worker Buddy asks him “Where’d you get that shiner from, Dan?”

Dan says “I got it at church this weekend”

Buddy: “How the hell do you manage to get a black eye at church?”

Dan: “Well I sitting behind this big fat lady and when we stood up to sing hymns I noticed her dress was stuck in her buttcrack so I pulled it out for her and she swung around and popped me in the eye”

Buddy: “I bet you won’t do THAT again will ya, Dan!”

Dan: “You bet your life I won’t, Bud”

The next week Dan shows up to work and now BOTH eyes are black so, of course, Buddy asks him if he pulled the dress out of the fat ladys buttcrack again.

Dan says: “Hell no! What happened was when she got up this time the dress was stuck in her buttcrack again and the fella next to me was the dummy who pulled it out. I know she hates if you do that so I tucked it back in there for her”

(Told to me by an old guy at work today)

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