A man showed up at work Monday morning with a black eye and a bandage on his head…

His coworkers asked what happened and he told them he had a golf injury. They couldn’t understand how such a thing could happen playing golf.

“Well,” he explained, “I shot off the 5th tee and hooked it right into the rough, where the ball then wound up in a pasture. I was walking all around searching for a ball and noticed a woman doing the same thing; apparently she lost her ball as well.”

“I finally came across a cow in the pasture and wouldn’t you know it, there was a golf ball stuck right in its ass. I could see the brand and as mine was a titleist and this was a pinnacle, I figured the ball belonged to the woman.”

So I picked up the cow’s tail and asked the lady, “Does this look like yours? She then took her damn 3 wood and hit me right upside the head!”

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