A man once wanted to sell his horse for 1000$.

He went door to door to ask people if they would buy his horse. Only one person named George was willing to but it, but for only 500$. The man went home in despair. The next week, his horse died. He then went to George and said, “Alright, gimme 500$ and you’ll find your horse at the field”. He took the money, left the horse at the field and left the town for a month.

When he returned, he was scared that George would be angry with him and might even break his bones and sell it for 500$. However, George hugged and thanked the man as he came. The man ,surprised, asked George why he wasn’t angry. George said,”When I got the horse, I advertised a lottery in which one ticket costed 1$ and the person who won would get a horse. 10,000 people turned in. When the winner of the lottery complained that the horse was dead, I gave him his 1$ back.”

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