A man named Joseph moved into the apartment next to another man and his fiance.

The man and his fiance got to know Joseph over the next few months and became friendly towards him.

One day, Joseph was caught in an accident at work and injured his eye. He had to have a cotton patch over it for a few weeks while it healed.

It was during this time that the man’s fiance began spending less and less time at home, and much more at friend’s houses, or so she said. It was also noted that she became much more interested in Joseph, feeling sorry for him.

Weeks went by and the wedding day of the man and his fiance finally came around. He waited at the altar for the entire day, but his fiance did not show up.

Shocked and disappointed, he walked back to his apartment, where he found a note from his fiance. It said that she was leaving him for Joseph, and that this was goodbye forever. He sat glumly on the bed and said to himself:

“If it hadn’t been for cotton eye Joe, I’d have been married a long time ago. Where did you come from, where did you go? Where did you come from, cotton eye Joe?”

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