A Man Named Joke

Once upon a time in ancient times, there was a man named Joke. He lived a long and prosperous life, happily married to his wife and having three children.

In the culture that they lived in, most believed that when a person died, a new star was born in the sky for them. However, Joke did not believe this, and he firmly believed the soul was stored in comets, since they were sent from the heavens down to Earth.

Most would laugh at him, saying, “You are ridiculous to believe that someone’s soul would be stored in comets after they pass! You surely can’t be serious!”

But Joke kept his belief, and his family stood firmly behind him on it as well, believing it just as much as he did.

When he died, there was a service, and they buried him at night. At the end of his burial, everyone looked up to the stars.

They all whispered quietly, “A new star is born for Joke, who has passed on from us into the heavens.”

Everyone said this except for his family.

They whispered in unison to one another, “The real Joke is always in the comets.”

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