A man named Carol spent his entire life being bullied by people because of his name…

He finally got married, and when they had a child, he left the naming to his wife. She wanted to continue the legacy of having a weird name with their daughter, so she named her ‘love’. As Love grew up, she got bullied just like her dad. One day the bullying got so bad that she became furious with her parents for her name. She stormed home and confronted her dad. Carol didn’t want his wife to have to deal with the blame, so he told Love it was him who gave her the name. Love was so furious she shot him, and stormed out of the house. Eventually Carol’s wife came home, and she saw her husband laying on the floor and asked what happened. He told her to come closer… so she bent down and he said to her

“Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame. You gave Love, a bad name”

My brother told me this one this evening lol

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