A man meets an escort in a bar..

.. and after talking to her for a little bit he says, “alright, enough talk. How much is it going to cost me for a handjob?”

The escort says, “that’ll cost you $50.”

“$50 for a handjob?! You gotta be kiddin me!” Says the man.

“Well come look out here”, she says, “see that car outside?” She points out the window and he sees a brand new Ferrari.

“I bought that purely off of $50 handjobs”, she says.

So the man thinks, huh, that must be pretty good then. And sure enough, it’s the best handy he’s ever had.

The next day the man goes back and says, “alright, how much for a blowjob?”

She replies, “a blowjob will cost you $500.”

Again, the man is shocked. “$500 for a blowjob?! Good lord..”

The woman says again, “come over here. See that house up there on the hill? I bought that completely off of $500 blow jobs.”

Up on the hill is a massive mansion. At least 20 rooms. So the man says okay, gives her the $500, and receives the best blowjob he’s ever had.

The third day rolls around and he tracks her down. He says, “alright, enough playing around. How much is it going to cost me for some pussy.”

She looked at him and says, “hell, if I had a pussy, I’d own this town!”

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