A man is sitting at a bar…

He has been there for three hours just nursing a beer with a shit eating grin on his face. The bartender (after noticing this man has purchased nothing more) walks up to him and says “Dude. You’ve been here forever with that warm beer, and that dumb smile. What the hell are you so happy about?”

The man replies “I’m so happy someone asked. Last night I got hustled in a game of pool, lost big on the poker table, and I lost my damned keys.”

The bartender fires back “So why are you so fucking happy?”

He looks the bartender in the eye “I found a woman tied to the railroad tracks. I freed her, took her home and we had sex in every position that you can imagine.”

Taken aback, the bartender pulls the old beer from the man, and pours him a fresh one telling him “Dude, this one is on the house. That is a story for the ages.”

The man thanks the bartender, takes a sip from the pint and the bartender asks him “Hey…you never told me. Was she good looking?”

The man sets down the mug, with a shrug he replies “I don’t know, man. I never found her head.”

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