A man is riding through the desert…

Suddenly, he hears a voice, coming from nowhere.

“Get off your horse.”

“What?”, the man asks.

“Get off your horse.”

The man, slightly irritated, does as the voice commands.

“Dig a hole.”

“You want me to… dig a hole? Right here in the desert?”

Again, the man follows the voice and within a few seconds of digging he finds a pile of gold! The man is overjoyed, crying from happiness, when he hears the voice again.

“Ride to Las Vegas.”

This time, the man does not doubt the voice, gets on his horse with his newfound wealth and rides to the city.

“Get into the casino!”

He gets off his horse again, goes into the next casino.

“Roulette. Seventeen.”

He runs to the roulette. He bets his gold on seventeen. But not only that. He also bets his horse. His clothes. His savings. Everything. Twelve wins.

The voice says: “Fuck.”

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