A man is lined up to putt on the 8th hole with some friends

Out of nowhere a ball comes flying in and hits him. The man doubles over cursing and clutching his hands tightly to his crotch. His friends giggle at his misfortune as a woman comes running over apologizing.

“Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you gentleman when I teed off!”

The man red in the face wincing in pain is obviously not impressed by her apology. The woman goes on and explains “luckily I am a nurse. Maybe I could feel around and check to make sure everything is ok?”. The man replies exasperated “sure sure do whatever, owww”.

So the nurse drops to her knees pulls the man’s pants down and begins to massage his testicles checking for damage. “And how is that, any better?” she asks.

To which the man replies: “Well it feels great but I still think my fucking thumb is broken!”

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