A man is driving through southern Alabama late at night when his car breaks down

“Just my luck,” he thinks as he decides to start walking. Fortunately, after a quarter mile or so he finds an open, albeit shabby motel. He checks in with the extremely backwoods desk clerk and sees that the place won’t win any Michelin awards, but he just needs a place to lay his head until the morning when he can call a mechanic. As he leaves the lobby the friendly desk clerk says “Y’all have a good night!!”

He gets to his room and try as he might, he can’t get to sleep because of a maddening drip sound coming from the bathroom. He gets up to investigate and finds that the tap won’t close completely. After trying his best, he realizes that no amount of force will stop the drip. He calls the local yokel at the front desk.

“Front desk dis Cooter!!”

“Sir sorry to bother you but I got a leak in the sink”

“That’s ok hoss, just make sure you run the tap for a minute when you’re done!”

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