A man in an old small Fiat is driving through the countryside.

Just when the drive was going well, he ran out of gas. He stepped out of his car to get ready for the long walk to a gas station. Then, a shiny new BMW stopped next to him.

“Do you need help” the BMW driver asked.

“Yes please, I’ve ran out of gas and the next gas station is miles away, could you please tow me there?” the man asked.

“Sure thing, just couple her up!” The BMW driver replied.

“Before I forget, please don’t go too fast, my car can’t handle that.” The man said.

“No problem, if I go too fast, just honk and I’ll slow down.” The BMW driver answered.

With all that done, the car was coupled up and the pair were on their way. Then, a Porsche appeared and raced past the BMW. Completely forgetting about the man and his Fiat, the BMW driver floored the gas pedal and started racing the Porsche.

Eventually, they raced past a farm. The farmer looked at the spectacle and went inside. “What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a flying pig.” His wife asked. “Well, I saw a Porsche and a BMW racing, and an old Fiat honking to get by!”

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