A man in a bar starts talking to a prostitute…

A man in a bar starts talking to a prostitute…

He says “how much for a hand job?” She says it’s $250. He says, “ $250 for a lousy hand job? That’s crazy!“

She says, “Honey, follow me “and takes him outside. “See that Ferrari? I bought that Ferrari just with money from hand jobs. I give the best in the world.”

So he figures he’ll try it, and what do you know, it’s great. It’s a week before he’s horny again.

So he goes back to the same bar and asked her about a blowjob. She says it’s $500. He thinks that’s too much. She says, “Honey, come out back. See that mansion up on the hill? I bought that mansion with just money from blowjobs. I give the best blow jobs.”

So he takes her up on it and it’s amazing. He’s absolutely drained for a month. Now he’s obsessed and he has to go back.

He finds her in the bar. Desperately, he says “I gotta know, how much for the pussy?”

“Oh honey,” she says, “If I had one of those I’d own this town.”

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