A man hires the best house painter in town to repaint his house but he’s not cheap

The man doesn’t care and agrees to the salary anyway, the next day the painter shows up and the man’s hot wife opens the door because her husband is out.

She shows him the room where he can start and says that she will check on him every once in a while.

5 minutes later she shows up in her bathrobe , takes it off leaving her completely naked and says : if you paint the house for free you can have me . The painter takes one look at her beautiful body and agrees.

He takes off his clothes and gets to work and while they’re at it they hear the house’s door opening.

She gets up ,puts on the bathrobe and leaves the room ,her husband finds her in the hallway and says : are you crazy ? There’s a stranger in the house and you’re walking around wearing that ? To which she replies: relax , it’s not like i m naked plus the man is in that room working.

So he goes there to check on the painter and to his surprise, he’s naked with a boner on the ladder painting. The man perplexed asks : why the hell are you naked ? Painter: i forgot my work clothes and didn’t want to ruin the ones i came wearing. Man : alright ,and why the FUCK do you have a boner? The painter thinks for a second and answers:where do you expect me to hang the paint bucket?

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