A man had excruciating headaches

So he decided once and for all to go see a specialist to see what can be done.

After extensive scans and tests the doctor calls him in and gives him the bad news. “I’m very sorry sir, you have a very rare case in which your nuts press up against the base of your spine which, in turn, is causing you these headaches.”

So the man asks what can be done, and the doctor responds regretfully that the only solution he can think of is to cut off his balls.

The man is understandably upset but decides that there is nothing to be done and he can’t live with these headaches any longer and so they schedule the surgery. The day of the surgery arrives, and everything goes smoothly.

In recovery, the doctor sees the man is very depressed his jewels are gone for good and goes up to him to try and cheer him up. “You know, just outside the hospital there is a very good tailer, why don’t you give him a visit and get yourself some new clothes to feel better?”

The guy agrees that this might make him feel a little better and after getting discharged walks into this little tailor shop next to the hospital.

As he walks in he hears, “size 7 hat!”

Looking around he spots a diminutive old man in a tweed vest peering at him. “What did you say?” asks the man.

“I said size 7 hat, that is your hat size, no?” answered the tailor.

“Well I don’t know, I was never really a hat man, how did you know?”

“I have been doing this for 55 years. I can look at someone for a few seconds and tell you all their measurements!”

The man, disbelieving, decides to put this claim to the test. “Oh yeah? What’s my shoe size?” “42,” came the prompt response.

“Shirt size?” “18.”

‘Incredible,’ thinks the man, ‘this guy is good!’ “What about my pants size?” “44,” came the answer.

“Aha!” exclaimed the man, “I have worn size 42 pants my whole life!”

“Impossible,” scoffed the tailor, “if you should wear size 42 pants, your nuts would press up against the base of your spine and cause you extreme headaches!”

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