A man goes to the vet

A man goes to the vet with his dog, and says “there’s something wrong, I can’t get her to wake up!”

So the vet brings the man to the examination room, and puts a stethoscope to the dogs chest and mournfully says “I’m sorry sir, your dog is dead”

The main sobs and says “isn’t there anything you can do? are you sure?”

The vet just opens a door, and allows a Golden Labrador into the room, which sniffs the dog, shakes it’s head, and walks back out of the door.

vet says “well, thats it. I’m sorry sir. your dog is surely dead”

the main wails “there’s got to be something more you can do!”, the vet just shrugs and opens the door again, and this time a cat walks in. the cat jumps up on the examination table and proceeds to carefully sniff the dog all over. then the cat shakes its head, and walks out the door.

“Sir, I’m so sorry, but your dog really is dead”, and the man just slowly nods.

As they’re finishing discussing what to do with the body, the vet gives the man his bill for the exam and hands it to the man. “a thousand pounds? to tell me that my dog has died?!”

the vet replies “well, the normal exam is only one hundred, but you wanted the extra lab work and the cat scan”

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