A man goes to the store to get some dog food.

He grabs a bag and heads to the the counter. The clerk apologizes, and informs him that he needs to have his dog with him to be able to purchase it.

“You mean I have to go all the way back home and get my dirty ass dog in my truck, and bring him all the way back here just to get some dog food?”

Again, the clerk apologizes and tells him that’s just the policy. So, he goes and gets his dog then purchases the dog food.

A few days later, he comes back to get cat food. The clerk informs him they have the same policy for cats.

“Dammit, my barn cat hates people, do I really have to go back home and and get my face and hands all scratched up trying to catch him just so I can get some cat food?”

The clerk again apologies, and says he going to have to do that.

The next day the same man shows up to the store with a bag and puts it on the counter. The clerk asks what it is, and the man tells him to reach in and find out. The clerk puts his hand in, then quickly pulls it back out.


“Yes it is, I would like 6 rolls of toilet paper please.”

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