A man goes to the doctor to discuss his stutter.

A man goes to the doctor to discuss his stutter.

The man says, “D.D.D.D.D. Doctor. I.I.I.I. I can’t stop st.st.st. stuttering. P.P.P.P.P. Please help.”

After a thorough exam, the doctor tells the man, “We’ve found that your penis is 14 inches long and weighs 3 pounds. The strain of that weight is pulling on your vocal cords and causing the stutter. The only cure would be a penile transplant.

The man thinks about for a week and comes back. He says, “O.O.O.O.O. OK D.D.D.D.D Doc. I.I.I.I.I.I.I I’ll do it.

The surgery is a success and the man’s stutter goes away immediately. He’s very happy and thanks the doctor.

2 months later, the man comes back and says, “Hey Doc. I really appreciate what you did for me. However, my sex life is miserable now. Can you restore my penis to it’s original length?”

The Doctor looks at the man sternly and says, “N.N.N.N.N.N NO! Th.Th.Th.Th.Th. That’s Im.Im.Im.Im.Im.Im.Im. Impossible!

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