A man goes to his doctor and tells him…

… that his wife has been refusing to have sex with him for the last several months. The doctor reassures him that he will find a solution, asks him to send his wife in, and wait outside.

The wife says, “You see doctor, we have a lot of mortgages and our jobs do not pay well. I take a cab every morning and the driver asks “Are you going to pay me this time, lady, or what?” I take the ‘or what’. In the office, my boss asks “Are you going to finish the job today or what?” I take the ‘or what’. In the evening, the cab driver asks, “Are you going to pay me this time at least or what?” I take the ‘or what’ again. I am sick and tired of the ‘or whats’ by the time I return home and that’s when my husband asks me for sex. So, I keep refusing him.”

The doctor thinks for a minute and says, “Should I tell all of this to your husband or what?”

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