A man goes to an animal market

He goes up to a rooster seller and buys a rooster.

The seller hands it to him and says, “Oh, in this business, we call it a cock”.

The man takes note and goes to buy a hen seller.

The seller hands it to him after paying and tells him “By the way, in this business, we call it a pullet”.

The man nods and goes to a donkey seller. Hey buys it and turns to leave but the seller calls him back.

“I forgot to tell you but we call donkeys in these parts asses. Also, this is a very lazy donkey, it likes to sometimes abruptly sit down. To get it stand up, you need to tickle under its chin”.

The man understands and leaves. He is travelling on the road when the donkey suddenly sits down. He spots a woman walking across the road and calls her over.

” Excuse me ma’am, but can you take my cock and pullet, while I tickle my ass?”

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