A man goes to a prostitute, they get to a private room and the prostitute asks, “What would you like to do hun?” “I enjoy fantasy roleplay,” he replies

She sidles up to him and begins flirtatiously touching his chest and arms, “Whatever you want baby, but some things cost extra.” “I’ll pay you $5000 for anal, but without a condom,” he exclaims. The woman thinks about this for a moment but that much money was too much to pass up and she relented quickly. They passionately embraced and both enjoyed the situation intensely before reaching a shuddering climax together. As they basked in the afterglow, she turned and snuggled against him and asked quizzically, “I hope you had fun, I couldn’t figure out what kind of roleplay we were doing though.” “Oh that,” he replied calmly, “I like to pretend I’m rich.”

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