A man goes on vacation for a few weeks…

A man goes on vacation for a few weeks and leaves his cat with his brother. After a few days, he calls his brother and asks how his cat is doing. The brother tells him, “I’m sorry, but the cat died.” The first man gets angry and says, “How could you just break it to me like that? You knew I’m not coming home for another week, you should have said something like, ‘The cat is on the roof and we can’t get it down,’ then the next day I’d call back and you’d say, ‘We got the cat down, but the vet says she’s in bad shape, she may not make it,’ and then the third day I’d call and THEN you’d tell me the cat had died. That way it wouldn’t come as such a shock and I’d have been able to build myself up to deal with it!” The brother apologized. Then the first man said, “I’m sorry for snapping at you like that, but you know how sudden tragedy is worse than gradual… Anyway, so how’s Mom?”

And then the brother says, “Well, she’s up on the roof and we can’t get her down.”

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