A man goes into the woods hunting

He spots a deer in a clearing and lines up his shot, just as he’s about to pull the trigger he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns to see a black bear looming over him, it rumbles “you’ve two choices, either I eat you, or I have sex with you”. The man opts for the latter and hobbles back in to town plotting his revenge.

The following day he heads back in to the woods to track the black bear, again as he lines up his shot he feels a tap on his shoulder, this time a huge grizzly stands over him and rumbles “you’ve two choices, either I eat you, or have sex with you” humiliated and sore the hunter crawls back to town plotting revenge.

The next day, armed with an elephant rifle he tracks down the grizzly bear, he takes a deep breath, puts his eye to the scope. Again he feels a tap on the shoulder. Standing over him is a gigantic Polar bear who says “you don’t come here for the hunting do you?”

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