A man goes into a lumberyard for a Job interview.

The manager was impessed with his application, and called him in for an interview. The manager decides to put a blindfold on the man to test his knowledge…

The manager places a length of pine on the table, lets the applicant touch and smell it. Correctly the applicant calls it pine.

For the second test, a piece of cedar is placed on the table. Once again, correct, the applicant tells the manager, that is a length of cedar….

Amazed, the manager decides on one final test. The manager gets his wife out of the office, strips her naked and has her lie on the table in front of the blindfolded man.

The manager explains to the applicant, “This is your last test, if you get this right you get the job…. But this time, you may not touch, only smell”

The blindfolded man has a sniff, and asks the manager to flip the mystery object. So the manager has his naked wife roll over and the applicant sniffs again…

The applicant says to the manager “By any chance, is this the back of a prawn trawler’s toilet door?”

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