A man goes into a bar and sees a crying horse…

The bartender says to to the man: „Look, if you can cheer that horse up, all drinks are on the house today.“

The man takes the horse outside and a few minutes later, the horse is laughing loud and doesn’t stop. A man of his word, the bartender gives the man free drinks.

A week later, the man visits the bar again and sees, that the horse is still laughing. The bartender says: „Look, this horse is driving me crazy, it was much better when it was crying. Please make it sad again.“

So the man takes the horse outside and a few minutes later both come back in and the horse is crying again.

Confused, the bartender asks the man, what he did to the horse, that he first made it laugh so easily and then cry again.

The man says: „Last week, I said to him, that my dick was longer. Today we compared them.“

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