A man gives helicopter rides at the yearly state fair for twenty dollars.

One year, a couple comes up to the ride and bickers with each other about spending the twenty dollars for the ride. The conversation ends with the husband saying, “You know…twenty dollars is twenty dollars” and they walk away.

This goes on for years, same bickering, always ending with husband saying, “You know…twenty dollars is twenty dollars” and them walking away. One year, finally fed up, the pilot says, “Look, I’ll give you a ride for free on one condition. If either one of you makes a peep while we’re flying, you owe me the twenty dollars” After some bickering, the couple agree and get in the seats behind the pilot. The pilot, determined to get them to gasp at least, takes off as fast as he can and starts doing crazy maneuvers. Rolling, turning, diving. After fifteen minutes without a sound from them, he gives up and lands. He looks behind him and only the husband is there.

Pilot asks, “Where the hell is your wife?!”

He answers, “She fell out not long after you took off.”

Pilot screams, “Oh my god, man!! Why didn’t you say anything?!?”

Husband replies, “You know…twenty dollars is twenty dollars”

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