A man gets pulled over by a cop

The cop goes up to the man’s window and informs him that he appeared to be swerving a bit.

“Son I just need you to do a quick breathalyzer test.”

“I can’t do that, officer, I have severe asthma. If I blow into that tube, I could risk an attack.”

“Alright, then just come down to the station and we’ll do a blood test.”

“I can’t do that either, I’m a hemophiliac. Any puncture will end up bleeding for hours then I’ll pass out.”

“Okay, then step out of the car and we’ll do a standard field sobriety tes-“

“Sorry, but I have a slight vitamin b12 deficiency, so I naturally shake while doing basic tasks, so the tests would be inconclusive.”

“Well then just walk along in a straight line.”

“I can’t do that either”


“Because I’m drunk.”

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