A man gets into heaven…

He is welcomed into the gates of Heaven by the Angels of God. The Angels say, “God has asked you to visit him before you go your way.” He asks for directions, and the Angels respond, “Head on this straight path, and you will come across a sign heading towards the direction of our Lord’s Throne.” He then thanks the Angels and go on the path.

The path led him towards a village. He then overhears people near talk about how God managed to answer any question they asked him without a fallacy of any kind. He then wonders about the many things he could ask.

Later, he comes across two signs, both of which say “God’s Throne”. One of them points towards a path on the right, while the other points towards a path on the left. Asking the people nearby which one to go through, he decides to go on the right path first, and if it gets too complicated, will head towards the left. After an extremely long walk on the path, he found himself at a dead end. Frustrated, he heads back and goes on the path on the left.

After a few minutes, he had come across a raging river. There, a woman on the other side of it seemed to be effortlessly holding a long, sturdy plank made out of what seemed to be diamonds. He asks if she could put it down for him to cross.

She thinks for a few seconds and then says, “I had dropped a valuable necklace from your side. If you were to go back from where you came from and go on the right path instead, obtain my necklace, and give it back to me, I shall put down the plank for you to cross.”

He then gets angry and asks the woman if he could do so after she helped him, but she ignores him. Realizing there isn’t any other way, he heads back towards the path on the right. After a long amount of time, he was back at the dead end and finds the necklace.

After an excruciating amount of time, he arrived at the raging river once more, and carefully threw the necklace to the side of the woman. She then thanked the man, and put down the plank. After slowly crawling above the river, he got onto the other side. Letting go of his anger, he thanked the woman and continued on the path.

Shortly after, he came across a gate guarded by two Angels, and ahead of the gate was a large staircase. The Angels ask, “What business do you have with our Lord?”. The man says that he was requested to go here by the Angels, who told him God wished to see him.

The Angels immediately doubt him, “What? How? Our Lord can’t possibly have asked such a useless being to enter his throne. If you are truly here for that reason, bring us proof by taking back the Diamond Bridge from that woman back there. If you’re too scared to do that, head back towards the entrance gates and bring us the Angels that told you this information.”

Furious, the man heads back, but is intimidated by the woman by her extreme strength, and takes the long walk towards the entrance gates. After telling the Angels at the entrance about what happened, they give him identification cards for him to give to the throne guards.

After even more walking, he was back at the throne gate and gave the cards. They let him in, and he went up the staircase.

By the time he arrived at the top, his legs were extremely weak, and he took a short nap before heading inside. As he got in, he was amazed at the luxury of it. Walls made of gold, tall pillars of angels, large fountains, and beautiful decorations.

After walking on a thick red tarp for a while, he saw a large, beautiful throne with God himself on it. His form and posture entranced the man, even blinding him temporarily.

After a few seconds, God noticed this and spoke with a gentle voice, “What is it do you require, young one?”. The man then remembered how he could ask anything and be given a flawless answer. He remembered the difficulty he faced throughout the entire journey, and spoke, “Oh God, why did you make it so difficult for me, the person who you requested, to meet you?”.

God then looked at him as though the answer was with him already, but then answered with his beautiful, calm voice.

“The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes.”

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