A Man Gets A Construction Job

On a remote base deep in the forest.

The foreman walks him around and shows him the equipment.

After the tour the man asks his manager, “So hey boss…seeing as this is a long-term remote position…what do you guys do…you know for pleasure.”

“Say no more. We’re all mature men here. Follow me.”

The foreman takes him to a large tree at the far corner of the base. “See that hole in the tree? Stick yer dick in it.”

So the man does as he’s told and experiences magic like he had never felt before. Weeks go by and everyday after work he goes back to the magic tree and receives an amazing pleasure.

However, one day he went to the tree and nothing happened. Shocked and disappointed, the man confronted his boss. “Sir when I went to the tree this evening I was very sad to discover that the magic has run out.”

“Hmm…that’s strange,” says the foreman as he’s scanning down his clipboard.

“Oh. Bingo. Yeah I found the problem. It’s your turn in the tree.”

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