A man, down on his luck, comes across a lamp while walking on the beach…

He gives the lamp a hard rub and out comes a genie.

Genie says “Master, I will fulfill any three wishes you have with one condition. Whatever you wish for, the man you hate the most will get double.”

“What the hell? Have you any idea what John did to me? He stole my job, slept with my wife, and ran over my dog!!!” Complained the man.

Genie replies “Sorry, I don’t make the rules. Do you want the wishes or not?”

“Fine.” Said the man, “My first wish is to have ten billion dollars in my bank account.”

“Done” The man immediately receives a call from his bank informing him of his new wealth. Somewhere in the world, John is overjoyed to see twenty billion dollars in his bank account.

“My second wish is to have a 12 inch penis.”

“Done” The man looks down and sees his member has now almost doubled in size. Somewhere in the world, John is a little bothered by the fact that his penis now goes down below his knees.

“What is your last wish?” The genie asks.

The man replies “Remove one of my kidneys and show it to me.”

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