A man discovers a strange tradition at a resort

A man walks into a resort and the first sign he sees says “Lool Area”. He was confused and asked one of the employees about it. “Yes, we have this tradition here where we replace the ‘P’ of a word that starts with P with an ‘L’” The man thought this was strange, but as long as there were no other rules, he’d be fine. The man saw toured the resort and eventually came upon the cafeteria. There was a sign which read, “Serving Lerogies and Lork tonight” Thinking about the food made the man hungry, so he went around looking for food. He went around the whole resort but he only ever found a line for breakfast and for dinner, both of which were closed since it was 12:30. Confused and hungry, the man found the employee and asked: “Where’s the lunchline?”

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