A man DIES

He died tragically and unexpectedly in a botched robbery. Devastated, his wife Cindy mourned four several months, leaving the house only to pick up groceries that her doting mother leaves on her doorstep.

The only comfort to her grief was his cat, who is similarly distraught. After several months of grieving, she realized she couldn’t go on like this. She organized a funeral for her husband.

The funeral was somber, her husband, Mac, was a well-liked guy, and it was a close-knit community.

The funeral finished with a long, passionate, and emotional speech by Mac’s wife.

It truly moved everyone to tears. After she was done, she stepped aside, then asked, “does anyone have a word or two they’d like to say?”

A man she’d never seen before stands up, his face shadowed by his cowboy hat. Slowly, solemnly, and with a strong southern accent, he said “plethora”, tipped his hat, then sat back down.

Cindy choked back tears, and let out a sob. Tears rolled from her eyes like the boulder after Indiana Jones.

“Thank you, so much, stranger. That means a lot”

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