A man calls his home and a boy answers.

The guy says, “Who is this?”

“Hey dad it’s me,” answers the boy

“Shouldn’t you be in school?” The man asks

“Mum said i could stay home because I’m ill” The boy answers

“Where is your mother?” asks the man.

The boy says, “She’s upstairs in bed with the postman.”

The man is fuming and says to the boy, “Listen very carefully, I need you to do something.”

“What will I have to do?”

The man tells him, “I want you to get my gun from the garage, and then come back.”

The boy puts the phone down; the man hears footsteps and then the boy comes back.

“Now what, Dad?” He asks.

“Go upstairs to where your mum is, and shoot her and whoever she is with.”

The man hears footsteps, then two gunshots, and the boy comes back.

“What do I do with the bodies” the boy asks

The man says, “Throw them in the swimming pool.”

Puzzled, the boy answers, “But we don’t have a pool.”

There is a long pause, before the man answers.

“Sorry, wrong number.”

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