A man breaks down in the middle of nowhere

and the only thing in sight is an old farmhouse. Walking to the house he finds an old farmer and his beautiful young wife living there. The farmer says, “Its getting late and there is nothing I can do until morning. You’re welcome to stay, but we only have the one bed so you’ll have to sleep with us.” Seeing no alternative the man agrees and lays down between the farmer and his wife to sleep. Soon the farmer is snoring loudly and the wife turns to the man and says, “My husband is very old and unable to please me, why don’t you and I fuck?” The man protests and says the farmer will wake up and catch them, but the wife insists and tells him, “He is a heavy sleeper. Pull a hair out of his ass and watch.” The man does so and the farmer continues to sleep. The man shrugs and and he and the farmer’s wife have loud, boisterous sex. An hour goes by and the wife again says, “Roll over here and fuck me.” The man again protests, fearful of pressing his luck. The wife says, “What did I tell you? He’s a sound sleeper. Pull another hair out of his ass and watch.” The man does so and sure enough, the farmer continues snoring. So the man and the farmers wife again have sex. Again, an hour later, the wife says the same thing, and again the man says, “Won’t he wake up?” The wife gives him the same instruction as before, but this time when he plucks a hair the farmer says, “Mister I don’t care if you fuck my wife, but please stop keeping score on my ass.”

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