A man and his wife were sitting having breakfast when the wife said…

“If I were to die would you get married again?”.

The man said “That’s a terrible thing to say. It’s such a beautiful morning and we’re having a wonderful breakfast together you bring up this horrible thing about death. Forget about it.”

But his wife didn’t forget about it and she brought the same thing up that night. The man said the same thing and for the whole week, his wife kept asking him “If I were to die would you get married again?”

Finally, he gave up and one night when his wife asked “If I were to die would you get married again? He said “Yes. I would”

She asked, “Would you sell the house?”

He said “No. Of course not.”

She asked, “Would you sell our bed?”

He said “No. I don’t see any reason why.”

She said, “Well, you certainly wouldn’t let her touch my golf clubs.”

He said “No no. She’s left handed.”

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