A man and his wife had plans to attend a costume party.

The night of the party, the wife suddenly got a headache and said she couldn’t go, but encouraged her husband to attend. He reluctantly put on his mask and headed to the party.

The wife suddenly woke up from a nap feeling much better. She got an idea – she went and bought a different costume than she was planning, along with a mask, and went to the party, to see how get husband acted without her around.

She walked in and was surprised to see her husband downing drink after drink, and dancing wildly with multiple women. At first the wife was upset, but then decided to see how far he would go. She danced up to him and started grinding on him, and quickly he put his full attention on her. After a few minutes she whispered in his ear that they should go to a bedroom upstairs.

She said “let’s keep our masks on” and then they went at it like animals. She did more than she had ever done with him before.

After it was over she hurried home and got into bed. Her husband came home and she asked “how was the party?”

He replied “Eh, I wasn’t really having much fun so I left early to play cards with the guys. I lent my costume to John, though, and boy did he have a good time.”

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