A man and his wife are saying their goodbyes as he is nearing death.

“my love” he says “I have to confess to you before I die. I’ve been unfaithful. We’ve been married for nearly fifty years and and once, only once, after we had been married for several years, I strayed. Please forgive me!”

The wife moves from his side and goes to the hope chest at the end of the bed. She opens it and removes two ears of corn and a thousand dollars. She sits and shows them to her husband.

‘what’s this?” he asks

“well you see, I’ve been unfaithful as well. Each time I was with another lover, I put an ear of corn in the chest.” He is upset but says “well, my dear, it was only twice. What is the money for?”

She begins to cry and says through her tears, “well, each time I got a bushel, I sold it!”

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