A man and his wife are in a car accident.

The man is saved by the airbag, but the woman hits her head on the windshield and falls into a coma.

The man sits in the hospital waiting room day and night, praying for his wife to recover.

One day, while giving the wife a sponge bath, the nursing staff notices, when they wash her “private area”, a slight amount of brain activity on the monitor.

The senior nurse goes out to talk to the husband, “Mr. Smith, we have an unorthodox request for you. My staff has noticed that your wife seems to respond to sexual stimulation. We may have found a path to lead her out of the coma.”

“We will leave the room, and you can perform oral sex on your wife. The stimulation just may be enough to wake her up for good.”

The staff leaves the room and the husband enters. The staff sits outside listening to her EKG: “beep, beep, beep…beeeeeeeeeeep” as she flatlines.

The staff comes running into the room to revive the wife. They shout to the husband, “what happened!?”

The man turns around and zips up his fly: “I don’t know. She just started choking!”

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