A man and his three beautiful daughters.

There once was a man living out in the countryside with his wife and his three beautiful daughters; Anne, Beth, and Claire. The man was very protective of his daughters, and when he learned that all three of them had fallen in love with three different men, he called the three men and said he wanted to meet all of them before he let them go out with his daughters.

The men showed up quickly. The father took the first man inside, brewed him a cup of coffee, sat him down at the table and asked:

“So who are you and why do you want to go out with my daughter Anne?”

“Well sir, my name is Eddie, and i want to take Anne out for some spagetti.”

The father was somewhat surprised at the rhyme, but found it amusing and decided to let him take Anne out.

The second man walked in, sat down at the table, and was asked by the father:

“What’s your name and why do you want to go out with Beth?”

“My name is Louie, and want to take Beth out to a movie.”

The father was, again, amused at the rhyme and let the kids go.

The last man walked in, took a seat, and was asked:

“So, why do you want to go out with Claire?”

“Well, my name is Chuck-“

“Get out.”

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