A man and a woman were married for 50 years.

Every morning the man would roll over on his side and let rip s horrible smelling fart. Every day the wife would tell him, “One day you are gonna shit your guts out.”

One day after years and years of it. The wife is preparing a turkey dinner and decided to save the guts and giblets and put them under her husband in the morning before he woke up.

While she was making breakfast the next morning, she herd the usual toot from the other room followed by a blood curdling scream.

A short time later the husband comes into the kitchen. Gasping for breath he exclaims to his wife, “my love you were right. This morning when I passed gas I shit my guts out. Just like you said it would happen! But (holding up his hand) with the grace of god and these arthritic fingers I was able to get them all back in.

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